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Top Five Beaches of Mangalore

A preview of the beautiful beaches of Mangalore that every beach lover should visit

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Being the coastal city that Mangalore is, it is no surprise that the city is home to few of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the world. From time immemorial the city of Mangalore was known for being a famous trading centre that sent goods to different places around the world. Numerous ships from every place imaginable on the earth would dock at the port of Mangalore bringing with it new opportunities.  Here is a closer look into some of the most famous as well as beautiful beaches that adorn the coastline of the city of Mangalore

Tannirbhavi Beach

As bus no. 16 pulls into sultan battery, people line up to get on the ferry that is to take them across the waters to where the Tannirbhavi beach begins. The ferry drops people off at a narrow road that winds its way through the sand towards the beautiful beach. On either side of the entrance to the beach there are various shops and stalls that sell various varieties of juices and snacks along with other food items. The beach is adorned with numerous trees that provide shelter from the harsh sun while also providing people with a cool place to relax in. The reflection of the rays of the sun on the waters of the beach make it look like the sea is in fact filled with diamonds. It is definitely worth a visit!

Panambur Beach

Brace yourselves for one of the best beaches in the city of Mangalore, the Panambur beach. Not only is it very well maintained and spotlessly clean, it also has restaurants selling almost everything that one might need at the beach from mouth-watering sea food to swimwear and beachwear. After a long hot day at the beach all you need to do is eat a few golas that the shops nearby sell to really bask in the summer heat without feeling too hot or uncomfortable. Another reason why you should definitely pay a visit to this beach is because it’s the perfect place for beach sport enthusiasts as it has facilities for going on Jet Ski rides and surfing. However if you feel uncertain about taking part in these sports due to lack of experience, worry not, because skirting the sands of the beach will be countless life guards ready to dive into the waters at the first sight of danger

Chitrapura Beach

Located in New Mangalore, and approximately 12 kilometers away from the Mangalore airport is the Chitrapura beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Mangalore for the simple reason that it is not visited by a large crowd. The Chitrapura beach is a very peaceful and quiet beach that will help you spend a quiet yet introspective day or evening without any disturbances. It is the ideal place to take long walks so as to feel rejuvenated for there will always be a gentle breeze ready to caress you almost as if to lift your worries off your shoulders. If you love beaches, make sure to add the Chitrapura beach to your list of places to be visited!

Someshwara Beach

Unlike the beaches discussed earlier on in this article, the Someshwara beach is located in Ullal. It is covered by lush green forests on the one side and by the ever strong waters of the sea on the other side. The beach gets its name from the temple dedicated to Lord Somanatha that has been standing tall on its shore for centuries all together. Nestled next to the beach is the Ottinene hill from the top of which one can see the waters of the Netravati River becoming one with the majestic Arabian Sea. Sounds aesthetic doesn’t it? What makes the beach is the huge boulders of rocks called Rudra Phile that add beauty to its waters.

Sasihithlu Beach

Our list would not be complete without talking about the sasihithlu beach which has the history of hosting the indian open of surfing in both 2016 and 2017. It is quite a sight to see as the Pavanje and Shambhavi rivers compete to become one with the waters of the sea. It is approximately 6 km from the NH66 and can be reached by taking the city bus numbered 2, 2A from the Statebank circle which is the city’s main bus stand. Since the beach is not visited as frequently as the other beaches in this list, it is less crowded as a result of which it is also noise free. If you need some time to heal while listening to the sound of the waves this is the perfect place to be!.

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