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Enforcement of traffic laws with the use of technology by Mangaluru City Police

Mangaluru: In the last 11 months, the traffic police have booked 1.08 lakh cases and collected a total of 5.51 crore in fines. Throughout 2021, a total of 5.86 crore was collected, up from 4.20 crore in 2020. The fines for the offences range from ₹500-₹3,000.

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This prompted the Mangaluru City traffic police to make effective use of 15 surveillance cameras of the city, which were recently installed by the Mangaluru Smart City Limited, for booking cases including helmet-less driving, driving without a seatbelt, triple riding, and defective registration plates.

The traffic police are booking cases by randomly watching the feed from the 15 surveillance cameras at the Mangaluru Smart City’s Integrated Command Centre in Lalbagh and the Enforcement Automation Centre in the premises of Mangaluru Traffic East Police Station. Currently, the Photographs of violating vehicles are being used to book cases which are sent to these centres by police officers with ranks higher than constables.

According to Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar, the city police issue 200 notices per day on average. The fines are collected at the Pandeshwar office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) and the four traffic police stations.

Fines are collected with the handheld device by officers with the rank of subinspector or higher and can even be collected online at for a service fee of ten rupees.

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