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Transportation- A pivot asset

Mangalore – The only city in the state where people travel up high in the sky, through the roads and rails and even in the waves of the sea. Mangalore's brilliance in all the sectors for travel that is; in all four modes of transportation whether it be through the air or the sea is something that should be exemplified. It is the largest city in the Coastal Karnataka region to have a brilliant transportation infrastructure, and is considered as the only city in Karnataka, among six cities in India to have an International Airport, a major Sea port, Railway and Road connectivity.

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The Mangalore Harbour provides connection by sea to the rest of the world. Dry, bulk and fluid cargo are handled by the New Mangalore Port providing an important gateway to the state of Karnataka and thus has become a major port in Karnataka. It is India's eighth largest Cargo handling port. It was formally inaugurated on 4th May 1974 and since then through its tireless endeavors and faithful service has earned a badge of recognition for the city of Mangalore and as time went they came to be
known as the Port city. Various Cruise ships like Oceania, Celebrity etc visit the port. Foreigners can enter through the port to visit tourist places in and around Mangalore.

Rail connectivity in Mangalore was established in 1907 and since its advent the city’s railway has been a boon to its citizens and a viable asset to the country as a whole. The city was the starting point for India's longest railway. Mangalore has 3 stations namely Mangalore central, Mangalore junction and Surathkal railway. The metre gauge railway track was built through Western Ghats in the east connecting Mangalore with Hassan in the south. Mangalore is also connecting the Southern Railway and Konkan railway. There are various trains from Mangalore to all over India which in itself has played a prominent role in the improvement of trade, commerce and lifestyle

Mangalore International Airport was opened on 25th December 1951. This Airport is the second Largest and busiest airport in the state. Mangalore is one of the three airports to have tabletop runwaysthat provide a platform to accommodate both Cargo and Passenger requirements. Furthermore the airport connects Mangalore with Indian cities as well as other countries and thus paves way for developing international as well as regional connectivity of the nation.

Five National Highways pass through the city of Mangalore roads like NH-66, NH-75, NH-169, NH-73 and NH-275 have been a vital asset for developing.Mangalore has Public and Private buses, Autos
and other private transports through the road. Throughout its creation these roads have been a resource in the betterment of the economic state of the nation

A long standing contribution for improving the connectivity and enhancing the overall viability of commerce as well as quality of life is a matter of pride, only the port city of Mangalore can take
pleasure in. No matter how you choose to explore this beautiful city, the city will always offer you new pathways to immerse yourself in the diverse culture, incredible lifestyle and magnificent destinations the city puts in front of you

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