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Triangular stone inscriptions were discovered near Adkadakatte

A triangular stone inscription was discovered near the Nittur Panchadhoomapati temple. The inscription was discovered when the road near the temple was being enlarged and after the concrete road had been poured.

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Behind a layer of dirt, the writing was discovered in the middle of the road where the vehicles make a turn.

During the cleaning of the text, images of the sun, moon, and a man holding weapons were uncovered.
According to a local resident, Umesh Mendon, when Udupi saw one of the greatest rainfalls resulting in flooding in 1983, he and his family moved from Bannanje to Nittur and built a home here. He stated that the area resembled a desolate hilltop at the time. He stated that people used to offer milk to the stone inscription and that the stone has remained in its original place and condition. According to him, an apartment building and a commercial complex have been constructed nearby, and a few apartment inhabitants light lamps and show their respects at the monument.

The social worker Ganesh Raj Sarlebettu and Jayashetty visited the location based on the information provided by the stone inscription by Upendra Mendon, a local resident. Prof. T. Murugeshi was approached to inquire about the archaeological significance and history of the gymnasium stone’s inscription.

According to legend, these stones serve as memorials for those who died valiantly in conflicts or battles.

Such stone inscriptions, according to Ganesh Raj Sarlebettu, should be properly conserved by residents and government officials.

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