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Twitter makes Big Change in privacy policy to Fight Trolls

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With Parag Agrawal taking over as the new CEO of Twitter and the exit of co-founder Jack Dorsey, the company seems to be making policy changes. The social media platform has announced that it would be revising its privacy policies to better secure people’s sensitive information. Users will no longer be able to post private media, such as images and videos, of others without their permission on the social media platform.

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As per Twitter, the move, which goes into effect today, is meant to improve users’ privacy and security. However, this does not apply to media that depicts a public figure. The new policy specifies that it does not apply to media that cover public figures or individuals, as long as the media and associated tweet content are offered in the public interest or provide value to the public conversation.

However, if a public person informs Twitter that a media file intended to harass them, the platform may delete the post following Twitter’s new anti-‘abusive behavior’ policy.  Sharing personal media, such as photographs or videos, can potentially breach a person’s privacy and may lead to emotional or bodily harm, Twitter stated today. Twitter has already restricted media files that included personal information such as addresses, identification cards, and contact information.

If an account is found to violate Twitter’s policies, the company advises that it will be shut down. However, there are no details on what that action may be. In his first public remark as CEO, Parag Agrawal talked vaguely of a commitment to “reshape the future of public discussion.” As of now, it does not appear that he intends to depart entirely from Jack Dorsey’s path.

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