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Two- Month-old Baby Brought From Shivamogga To Mangalore Using Zero Traffic Zone

A two- month- old infant, Syed Nauman who was born with kidney and heart disease was taken from Shivamogga to Mangalore using zero traffic zone. The infant was brought to Mangalore within 2 hours and 55 minutes covering a distance of 350 kilometres.

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The infant was brought in an ambulance of the All India Muslim Democratic Forum JEEVAIntensive Care Unit( AIMDF ICU) on wheels. This ambulance is equipped with a ventilator and cardiac care equipment. The life saving drive could be made possible because of the ambulance was diverted  from Aghumbe Ghat and headed to Chikamagalur.

The ambulance left the Sarji Hospital, Shivamogga and 11:45pm and arrived at Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore at 2:40pm. The infant, Syed Nauman suffers from a rare deficiency of Medium Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase that affects one in one hundred newborns. This is why he had to be immediately transferred to Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore for his surgery. 

As a service to the society and setting an example for the generations to come, Zeeshan Asad AIMDF-JEEVA ambulance driver had completed the task of ferrying the sick baby free of cost. As a mark of respect and appreciation to him, he was felicitated by onlookers. 

Social media played a very important role in coordinating these effort to save a sick baby that people on the roads connecting these two cities made sure to pave a path for the ambulance. 

Shaikh Muzaffer, the National Spokesperson of the AIMDF ensure that the AIMDF will pay for all the medical expenses of the infant. The sanction for the free treatment was given by the chair body of the AIMDF to the hospital charge of AIMDF State Working and medical in charge Abubaker Sajipa and Dakshina Kannada President Mr.Asif Chokkabettu.

AIMDF National Spokesperson Mr.Shaikh Muzaffer from UAE was grateful to the Karnataka State Police and the public for making zero traffic possible.

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