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Udupi: 6-YO girl wins hearts of crown princes of Oman, Bahrain by her martial arts performance

Zaara Vasim Asadi, a young girl from Belapu in the Karnataka district of Udupi, was recently praised by the crown princes of Oman and Bahrain for her performance in a martial arts sports event while representing Champ Sports and Arts Club in Oman. During the ceremony, she was also given the “Star of the Event” award, which was well-received by both the crown princes and the crowd. The crown prince also took selfies with her and presented her with an appreciation medal.

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Zaara Vasim Assadi is the world’s youngest Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art) practitioner, as well as the world’s youngest belt holder. Zaara is the daughter of Mohammad Vasim Assadi and Hasra Sana Banu, and she was born in Belapu, Udupi. She is Mohammad Zikiriya Asaadi’s granddaughter and has been learning martial arts since she was four years old. Aside from Capoeira, Zaara is passionate about Karate, Kickboxing, and Gymnastics.

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