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Udupi Man Sets New Record by Swimming 1400 mtr in Padmasana Posture

Resident of Kadekar, Udupi Gangadhar G is a former employee of state transport department. Still young at the age of 65years, Gangadhar is the founder president of Jai Durga Swimming Club training many in the swimming skills.Learning swimming at the age of 50 as a hobby, Gangadhar has swam his way into the India Book of records that to in Padmasana posture on this Sunday.

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Shackled in Padmasana posture and breast stroking through the lashing waters this swimming enthusiast completed the record attempt by swimming 1,400 metre distance.He was required to swim a minimum of 800 metres to make this record, for which he had practiced tediously for 20 days.

The fruit of his toil was viewed at Sri Devi Bhajana Mandir at Padukere coast.His trail in the Arabain sea was marked beforehand to validate the results. Gangadhar took 73 minutes and seven seconds to swim the distance of 1,400 metres with the support staff and members.This whole feat was done in the presence of coastal security police, in case any emergency arose.

Training for this endeavour Gangadhar shares that his early yoga sessions have helped him conquer this challenge.He also renders his gratitude to his students and members for being a pillar of support.

Talking about records and future, Gangadhar is a bronze medalist in National Masters Aquatic Championship. His training club helps and trains all categories of public, from children to women. He also has trained many autistic and specially abled students in swimming.As an enthusiast in paintings, Gangadhar has thought about attempting to compete for the Guinness book of records with set specifications. Though the demands on rules and requirements will be tight Gangadhar wants to try for it and have his name in the appropriate record category, in the Guinness book of records.

Owing to his skill and dedication Gangadhar has been showered with many laurels. Indeed it is a proud moment for the people of the coast.

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