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Udupi: One-week mandatory quarantine for international arrivals

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The Deputy Commissioner (DC) announced the Covid guidelines and mentioned that all those who are arriving from overseas countries should be under quarantine for one week even though their RT-PCR report is negative. Those who are coming into the district from Kerala should bring negative reports, the DC stated. Re-testing will take place after the quarantine period has ended. Colleges and hostels are being closely monitored.

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Three to four thousand COVID tests are performed every day. They have met with leaders from different walks of life as well as other organizations. We have requested cooperation in adhering to the COVID rules. Those who have not yet received the first dose of vaccination are being identified. They have also spoken with Manipal University’s administration. Manipal University attracts students from all around India and the world. 

They’ve been told to undertake a comprehensive examination of students. The COVID guidelines have been made obligatory. The president of Manipal University has requested that the district administration be given full support.

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