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Udupi: Penalty for not wearing masks in public places

As a result of the decreased corona threat, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) has seen that people are no longer Wearing masks in public areas. He stated that, because of the rising coronavirus threats, everyone should wear a mask in public and keep a social distance, even within the bounds of local bodies and gram panchayats. He contended that this restriction also applies to public gatherings and celebrations.

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At a meeting with leaders of various groups and physicians from the area on Monday, November 29, he asked the authorities to conduct mask drives all across the district, including bus terminals and commercial complexes, to sensitize the people about the need to wear masks. Our district has a first-dose immunization rate of 93 percent. He is requesting community leaders and physicians to persuade the remaining 7% to get vaccinated. They have made attempts to vaccinate visitors from other districts and states who are visiting Udupi.

He requested that the physicians examine to see if any of the patients approaching them had been vaccinated. If not, they should persuade them of the need to do so. They must also recommend vaccines and be examined for coronavirus infection if they have symptoms, as per the ASHA. Workers have been going door to door with voter lists to vaccinate individuals, as per the DC. He suggested that in gram panchayats and urban local body limits, ward-level workforce committee meetings be convened to collect information and educate people who have not been vaccinated.

Balakrishnappa, the project director of the Pratibha Urban Development Cell, the district health and family welfare officer, the municipal commissioner, representatives from various groups, physicians from the Indian Medical Association, and AYUSH doctors were among those present.

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