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Union Government Bans Noisy Crackers Exceeding 125 DB and Emphasizes Safety Measures for Diwali Celebrations in Udupi

In an effort to ensure a quieter and safer Diwali, the Union Government has issued a ban on the production, sale, and use of fireworks that generate noise levels exceeding 125 decibels (DB) or 145 peak noise (PK). Strict legal action will be taken against individuals or entities found in violation of these rules, according to a press release by the Deputy Commissioner of Udupi district, Vidya Kumar.

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To enhance safety during the festive season, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the importance of adhering to precautions. “Fireworks should only be purchased from reputable dealers with the necessary licenses. An adult should always supervise their use, and the safety instructions on the fireworks should be strictly followed. Lighting them with a wax candle or agarbatti is recommended,” the release stated.

In line with safety measures, it was advised that a bottle of water be kept within easy reach to quickly extinguish any fires that may occur. Furthermore, fireworks intended to light up the sky should be used in areas where they can safely fall to the ground. After use, these fireworks should be disposed of in water to prevent any potential hazards.

Regarding noise pollution, the Deputy Commissioner made it clear that noisy crackers should not be ignited between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am. This restriction aims to minimize disruptions during nighttime hours and promote a peaceful and harmonious celebration.

This directive from the Union Government and the safety guidelines provided by the Deputy Commissioner underline the importance of celebrating Diwali with due consideration for safety and environmental concerns. By following these regulations and suggestions, citizens can enjoy a festive and responsible Diwali.

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