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Unlock 5.0 – What You Need To Know

The new regulations from the Ministry of Home Affairs have been published for Unlock 5.0  which will be put into effect from October 1, 2020. The guidelines were issued on Wednesday after taking into account feedback and discussions held between the central ministries and departments of various states and Union territories of the country. Despite the rise of cases, this announcement by the Centre points out that there will not be as many restrictions as before. Many states, however, are ready for voluntary curfew and local lockdowns.

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Relaxations outside containment zones will be from October 15, 2020. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for cinemas, multiplexes, and theatres which is scheduled to reopen with up to 50% of its seating capacities. The Department of Commerce will issue SOPs for Business to Business(B2B) Exhibitions which are permitted to open. Sportspersons can now train with the help of swimming pools which will open under regulations by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports(MoYA&S). The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) will also issue SOPs for the reopening of entertainment parks and similar places.

The decision for reopening of schools, coaching centers are still pending from the state /UT governments which are given flexibility till October 15 to do the same in phases. The final decision regarding the same will be made however after consultations with the management of schools and institutions followed by an assessment of the situations in the state. Till then, online learning is encouraged. 

Regulations regarding public gatherings have also been put into place. Public gatherings can be held only outside of containment zones and with a cap of 100 people. All gatherings, be it social, political, academic, sportive, entertainment, cultural have to follow the guidelines strictly. However, after the fifteenth of October, state governments and union territories have been given the green signal to increase the number of people beyond a hundred. If the gathering is taking place in an enclosed area then only 50%of the hall’s original capacity is allowed to be present. As usual, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing will all be mandatory. 

Without prior confirmation from the central government, the states of governments of union territories will not be imposing lockdown on areas that lie outside the containment zones. There will also not be any restriction on traveling of persons or moving of goods within a state or between states neither will there be any requirement for e-permits or any other document of permission for the same. 

While no real restriction has been imposed on them, people who are above the age of 65, or are pregnant, or below the age of 10 have been advised to stay indoors for fear of contracting the virus easier than the others. Just like during lockdown, even during unlock, the use of the Arogya Setu app will be encouraged so as to meet health requirements. 

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