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When the Youth decided to clean the Beach

“Why sit simply when you can use that time to make a Recreational Park on the beach?” That is exactly what the youth of Surathkal thought when they converted the Idya beach to a tourist attraction.

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Idya Beach, near Surathkal: a place that once seemed like a dump yard has now been transformed into a place of recreation for all ages, be it the young or the old. Thanks to the efforts of a few youths and generous donors who decided to put their time, money and energy to good use, they have now created a small children’s park, an area where one could hold small parties and to top it all off, a replica of Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle (PSLV) rocket which was originally manufactured the Indian Space Research Organisation.  

During the lockdown, Mr. Jayakar Salian, a professional videographer hatched the plan of cleaning up the beach that surrounded their house. He told 12 of his friends about this idea and they were all on board with the idea that would help make a place that was not looked after beautiful. They hoped that people would enjoy coming to the beach and would remember it. Initially, they removed waste out of the beach, then they brought an earth-mover that aided to level the nearly 100 meter beach area. Each day, various projects were planned and executed.

The attractions begin with a hut and a thatched gopura that lead people to the beach. Children are sure to run to the slide, seesaw and swings inside that comes after the entrance. Installation of the PSLV rocket yearns to encourage the populace towards the love for science.

When asked about the expenses for the construction, Mr, Salian said that money was taken from their own pockets, all for the society. When they approached the Mangalore City Corporation, Mayor Divakar sanctioned a mast lamp to light the way to their beautiful construction. They also mentioned that more areas of the beach needs to be cleaned and hope to complete them with time. Mangaluru North MLA Dr. Y. Bharat Shetty has also promised to provide funds for the government to improve facilities on the beach.

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