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Why Hampshire Hospitals Nursing Job? Here are the FAQ’s

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of approximately 600,000 people across Hampshire and parts of West Berkshire.  It is an NHS provider and care is free at the point of delivery.

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Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust employs around 8,600 staff and has a turnover of over £500 million a year.  As a Foundation Trust, it has directly accountable to its members through the governors. Council of Governors represent the interests of their constituencies and influence the future plans of the Foundation Trust.

Our International Workforce

We have a large international workforce with colleagues coming from many countries around the world.  We have been successfully recruiting International Nurses for a number of years now from a wide range of countries including India, UAE, Philippines, Nigeria and Ghana to name but a few.

Our international staff is well supported not only by their peers but the wider community and beyond.  A WhatsApp group led by the Chair of the International Community Workforce Group provides a space for staff to share what is going on in their who and beyond.  Smaller, local community groups have also been formed by our previous International Nurses and are there to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are there any tests you need to take before you go to the UK to be a UK RN?

A Yes!  The UK Nursing and Midwifery Council requires you to take and pass an English Language Test and a Computer Based Test (CBT).

The English Language Test can be IELTS or OET – the minimum scores you need are:
ELTS – Reading, Speaking and Listening = 7.0 or above and Writing 6.5 or above
OET – Reading, Speaking and Listening = B or higher and Writing C+ or higher

The CBT is an online test split into two parts: Clinical and Numeracy and you need to pass both sections.

Q Do I have to apply to the NMC?

A Yes! You need to start an online application and provide them with some information on your character, health, and nurse training and education.  The NMC will assess this and decide whether you can proceed with your application.  Once they have done this, and you have completed your English Language Test and CBT, you can come to the UK.

Q Does Hampshire Hospitals offer a relocation package?

A Yes! We will pay or reimburse you for:
Visa, flight and OSCE – we will pay upfront
IELTS or OET and CBT – we will refund you for one attempt at your English language and CBT

Q Do I need to have some previous experience?

A Yes.  We do ask that nurses coming over to us have had a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in an acute hospital setting.  We realize that it can be a daunting process to move to a different country and start work in unfamiliar surroundings.  By having some previous experience, we believe will make it easier for you to be able to start looking after your patients and have confidence in doing so.

Q Will I be given accommodation?

A Yes! Hampshire Hospitals will provide you with 2 months’ accommodation to see you through your OSCE training and examination; we will also give you the equivalent of one months’ accommodation charges in your salary to help you with a deposit

Q Will, I be met at the airport?

A Yes! We will arrange for a taxi to collect you at the airport and bring you to the accommodation where you will be met by the international recruitment team.

Q Will, I be given training for my OSCE?

A Yes! We provide a comprehensive training program that will set you up for your OSCE test.  We have been doing this for a long time and have a very good track record – you will be in safe hands!

Q What happens after the OSCE?

Once you have taken the OSCE and have been cleared for work, you will go to the clinical area you have been assigned to.  We do take previous experience into account and try, where possible, to put you somewhere which will use your experience. 

Q What type of areas are you recruiting for?

At the moment, we are recruiting for our general medical and surgical wards and our emergency and acute assessment areas.  

The Trust does have two Intensive Care Units and two Neonatal Units, but these do not currently have vacancies.

Vincent Dsouza
Recruitment Officer-India
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: + 91 98456 89775
Facebook: @HHFTNHS
Twitter: @HHFTnhs
Instagram: @HHFTjobs

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