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World Record Award for a 2-year-old kid, Pranvi Akshay of Mangalore

Pranvi Akshay, a 02-year-old baby girl, is a resident of Bondel, Mangalore, and daughter of Akshay J and Anupama V J. She was identified by Kalan’s World Records as the ‘Extraordinary Grasping Power Genius Kid’ and registered in the book on 04 October 2021. Also named in the ‘Jackie Book of World Records, as ‘Incredible Memory Power’. Below mentioned are a few records of the kid, who set a new record in just one and a half years: 

  1. Identifying and reciting numbers 1 to 10 in English, Hindi, and Kannada.
  2. Recitation of 1 Kannada and 3 English rhymes.
  3. Identifying body organs.
  4. Singing the National Anthem.
  5. Identification of National Signs of India. (National song, animal, bird, flower, river, sports fruit, and colors of our national flag)
  6. Reciting weekdays in English and Kannada.
  7. Reciting Kannada alphabets and vowels.
  8. Reciting the English alphabet.
  9. Identifying 12 types of shapes.
  10. Identifying 10 colors.
  11. Chanting 2 verses.
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In addition, she has won numerous prizes. Her parents, who are passionate about acting and supporting their child on all kinds of platforms, are role models for all. The mother of the child is a homemaker and the father is in the Indian Army.


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