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Young Poet From Mangalore Released Her Debut Poetry Book ‘Sila’

  A young poet has bloomed in Mangalore by releasing her debut poetry book “Sila“. 22-year-old Asila , is an artistic poet from Mangalore, who started writing at the age of 13 or 14 and published her debut poetry book “Sila “ at the age of 22.

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  Sila” is a collection of quotes and poems which attempts to transport the reader on an idyllic journey through various nuances of life. Penned in simplistic verse, and covering a colourful diaspora of emotion and sentiment, every poem will easily relate to readers across all age groups. The words used in the book are simple and easy to understand.

  Asila started by publishing her works in college magazines, local magazines, and national and international anthologies. She edited and compiled international anthologies. Instagram page crown_poems78 is also her place to pen down her thoughts and poems.

  “When I first published my book, lockdown happened. The physical and official Launch of the book didn’t happen, all I did was share the news of my book with my friends and family”- said Asila. 

  Talking about the journey Asila mentioned: “It wasn’t easy, as far as I know, there aren’t many published poets in Mangalore, So I didn’t have anyone to guide me in the process, and I had to understand the whole process of publishing. I’m not very sure if there are many young English poets in our city. After lots of research regarding publishing, I got in touch with the poetry words organisation and got my book published through them.”

Through poems and quotes, I try to soothe the mind and make a positive impact on the reader’s life.”

  Copy of Sila has been presented to Mangalore  DC, Dr Rajendra and also Book is available for the readers at Mangalore Library. The book ‘Sila’ is published internationally and gets printed and sold in the UAE and US as well.

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